Monado - XR Runtime (XRT)

What is Monado?

Monado is an open source XR runtime delivering immersive experiences such as VR and AR on mobile, PC/desktop, and other devices. Monado aims to be a complete and conformant implementation of the OpenXR API made by Khronos. The project is currently being developed for GNU/Linux and aims to support other operating systems such as Windows in the near future.

Current status

Supported Hardware

These are the XR devices that are natively supported with open source drivers in Monado

Device Rotation Position Distortion Correction Additional Notes
OSVR HDK 1.x, 2.x Yes No No Requires workaround on AMD GPUs1. Firmware fix available2
HTC Vive Yes LH 1.0: No Yes  
HTC Vive Pro Yes LH 1.0: No, LH 2.0: Early WIP Yes  
Valve Index Yes LH 1.0: No, LH 2.0: Early WIP Yes  
North Star Yes Yes, with Intel Realsense T265 Yes, v1 and v2  
PSVR Yes Yes, with PS4 camera or generic stereo camera Yes distortion correction is WIP. Requires workaround on AMD GPUs1.
Playstation Move Yes Yes, with PS4 or generic stereo camera - rotational drift correction is WIP
Hydra Controller Yes Yes -  
Daydream Controller Yes - -  
DIY arduino controller Yes - -  

Monado also leverages the open source drivers developed by the OpenHMD community for further HMD support. Controllers from OpenHMD are currently not supported.
See the OpenHMD support matrix for a list of devices supported through OpenHMD.

The Direct-Tek WVR2 / VR-Tek Windows VR Glasses with the 2560x1440 resolution supported through OpenHMD requires workaround on AMD GPUs1.

Other 3rd party open source drivers Monado currently wraps are

3rd party driver Device Rotation Position Distortion Correction Additional Notes
libsurvive HTC Vive Yes Yes Yes survive driver must be enabled at build time
libsurvive HTC Vive Pro Yes Yes Yes survive driver must be enabled at build time
libsurvive Valve Index Yes Yes Yes survive driver must be enabled at build time
librealsense T265 realsense Yes Yes - proprietary on-device SLAM tracking

So what does that mean?

For end users it means Monado can be used to run OpenXR games and applications like Blender on any of the supported hardware.

For developers it means you can start developing software for OpenXR with the ability to debug and inspect the source code of the entire XR software stack from your application to the HMD driver.

Monado transparently takes care of direct mode and distortion correction without developers having to write a single line of X11 code.

Getting Started with Monado

Code of Conduct

We follow the standard code of conduct, available at, which is based on the Contributor Covenant.

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported by contacting:

Contributing & Repos

The main repository is and has documentation on how to get started and contribute. Please refer to the file in the repository for details.

Contributions to the information on this website itself are welcome at


For other questions and just hanging out you can find us here:


  1. An issue with the EDID results in wrong colors or black screen on AMD GPUS. See EDID override for details and workarounds.  2 3

  2. Firmware was fixed in this PR. Builds can be found here - Choose a successful pipeline (green checkmark), choose “1 published”, in the 3 dots menu choose “Download Artifacts”.